Not Just Print - Edmond de Rothschild Center
  • Curator Rotem Kaplan
  • Dates:30.6-3.8.21

Not Just Print


Yanek Iontef Guy Sagee Hila Ben Navat Michael Gordon Keren & Golan Lahav Halevi Ada Wardi Koby Levy Rutu Modan Michal Sahar Nadav Shalev Ayal Zakin Dar Laor Tali Liberman Jonathan Lax - YONIL Dan Ozeri Idan Am-Shalem Avraham Cornfeld Yael Hanna Bodasher Dana Gez & Nomi Geiger Danielle Weinberg

The Edmond de Rothschild Design Award aims to promote excellence and encourage diversity and new creativity in the design industry; through public recognition for senior designers with extensive portfolios, encouraging emerging designers, and enhancing vast interest in contemporary Israeli design.

Founding this prestigious award wishes to shine a light on the works of those who create our local visual culture. To encourage diverse voices and new creations in design, the award chooses one different field each year (in rotation) and is awarded to four winners each year: two senior designers and two emerging designers.

2020 was the first year of the EdR Design award, focusing on Visual Communication Design. Shortly after the announcement, we entered a period of uncertainty and change as the pandemic struck, forcing all of us to adapt to a new reality. Especially in these times, we found reason to mark the importance and potential of designers to affect culture, society, industry, economy, and education. The award is given to designers who exhibit a rich and unique portfolio, recognizing their immense role in defining contemporary culture and their role in Israeli society and industry.

The open has received impressive feedback. Out of the many fascinating proposals, the committee has chosen 22 excellent portfolios as a shortlist of final nominees, exhibited here today, and later chose the winners. This list displays a variety of design works, methodologies, mediums,  paradigms. This presentation wishes to emphasize the designers themselves – photographed in their studios, alongside an example of their work. With every photograph, the designers share their motivations, passions, processes, and questions that guide them as they give form to a collective present and shape our future histories.