Edmond de Rothschild Center


The Edmond de Rothschild Center (EdR Center) was founded as a home for arts and culture. It provides students, researchers and graduates from leading institutions a unique space to display their work in the heart of urban Tel Aviv.

Hosting events, exhibitions and lectures in various fields, the Center encourages original and innovative Israeli art and culture.

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Cultural events, exhibitions and lectures in the fields of science, education and art

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Since its opening in April 2016, the Edmond de Rothschild Center has hosted a range of activities related to science, music and literature. We’ve hosted several top scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science, who have come to the Center to deliver lectures that make their areas of science more accessible to the general public.
Orit Gidali and Eshkol Nevo, of writing school “Sadnaot Habayit”, were hosted in a series of literature events in a unique and inspiring format.
The Center also played host to musicians who performed in a series of guided concerts integrating music and other art forms.
Temporary exhibitions on various subjects were also held at the Center. Below is a selection of events previously held at the Center:

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