• Curator: Tali Ben-Nun
  • Dates:12.8-1.10.21
  • Assistant curator: Lital Bar-Noy

Rest Mass


Kobi Amiel Pollyanna Or Tamara Strano Tamir Erlich Naama Lindenbaum Nina Traub Itzik Gil Avizohar

The forced and prolonged periods spent at home have led many artists to slow down, to abandon the grand gestures and narrow their work. Part of them turned to crafts, to easily available materials and tangible objects.

The energy propelling action usually moves in circles – from the hands to the mind, from the mind to the body, from the body to the home, from the home to the outside, and again. Then there’s a time of rest, and with it comes the rest mass. The mass is directed outward, towards the gravity of objects and their physical presence in space. The rest is directed inward and yearns to release control and surrender to a familiar form whose source remains slightly out of reach, neither clearly identifiable nor comprehensible.

The works on display in the exhibition propose to linger (perhaps as a form of compromise) on the border between the visible and the wavering shadow. They ‘stretch out their arms’ in a twofold motion, towards consciousness. One moment they seem homely and closeby, bare and steady, and the next they flicker and dwindle until they nearly disappear. Like in a déjà vu scene, where a deceptive and elusive sight drawn from the brain’s storage begins to erode sensory regulation. It is a private, almost secret occurrence, unknown to the surroundings of whoever experiences it. It crops up suddenly like an additional layer of the present or a surplus unit of time. It happens smoothly and quietly like the blink of an eye. It is almost known, almost familiar.

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