• Curators: Noga Or Yam and Faina Feigin, Bush Collective
  • Dates:9.6-26.7.22

Time Space


Yakira Ament Yuval Naor Hanan Offner Niv Fridman Noa Shahaf Simhayof Danielle Liberman Ephraim Wasse Lobna Awidat Itay Matan Neta Moses Alina Yakirevitch Lee Shalev Omry Hefetz Nadav Yoel Eliya David

“How long is forever?” Alice asked.
“Sometimes, just one second,” replied the Rabbit and rushed on its way.

We experience time in different rhythms – for each of us, time moves differently, especially in moments of transition between spaces. It’s as if these differences create a new dimension, where movement across the axis of time is possible and the transformation of thought and imagination is visible, affecting even what seems to be constant and universal. Time Space borrows from and interacts with spacetime in the world of physics, where time and space meet, where the boundaries delineating them become fluid and the set of acceptable possibilities expands. The age of the coronavirus is an example of a large-scale experiment in that dimension, enabling time loops and new perspectives on being and consciousness, which emerge from expanding and reducing space.

Over the past months we led an artist incubator for personal and group research, focusing on the interaction between the identities and everyday lives of the collective’s communities and the time space we live and operate within. The exhibition brings together questions of identity and that physical concept, reexamining these questions; the works combine various media, alongside performance pieces.

A new dimension opens up with the launch of the third issue of the Bush Collective’s magazine, which carries the same theme. The transition between the physical and virtual spaces in itself creates a play with spacetime, expanding the boundaries of the exhibition beyond the gallery. The magazine features new perspectives on the works displayed in the exhibition, alongside pieces by artists, writers, activists and academics, who put forth new interpretations of it.

Bush Collective
Curators: Noga Or Yam and Faina Feigin
Production: Shir Newman
Content editor and linguistic adviser: Chen Amram
Production and PR: Shir Hakim
PR: Tamar Talmon

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